Try It

This editor allows direct testing of the S-algol compiler.

The 'compile' feature shows the javascript code generated by the compiler.

The 'compile & run' feature shows the execution of the produced javascript code.

Note that this evaluates the code directly in the browser window so infinite loops will cause the window to become unresponsive.


There are several options for trying the S-algol language.

To have a quick play around with the language, go to the 'try' section of the website.

To get a copy locally, run `npm install -g s-algol`. This will install the compiler on your computer.

Code can then be compiled in the following ways:

s -cs "let a = 1?" echo "let a = 1?" | s


What is the aim of this project?

The main of the project is preservation. Hopefully people will be able to be able see what it was like to learn programming at St Andrews University for the forseeable future.

What's the idea behind the logo?

The logo is a shortened version of 'St Andrews Algol'. The 'S' is taken from the tail of the lion rampant in the St Andrews University Crest.